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BladeX5 Slash and Cut Resistant Gloves

blade x5 cut slash resistant gloves

Do you use cutting tools on a frequent basis around your home or on the job? Getting nasty cuts or gashes from a utility knife or other blade can destroy a great day of do-it-yourself joy. The BladeX5 Slash and Cut resistant gloves can almost completely remove the threat. You can take a brand new blade, install it in your utility knife, and try to slash through these gloves, remain completely safe. We do not recommend you try that, but the gloves are that good.

The gloves are tough, safe, and provide a great grip. That is one difference they provide over many cut-resistant gloves. What is the use of feeling safe when you cannot grip your tools? The BladeX5 use a blend of resistant materials to provide superior protection, which is amazing for a set of gloves priced at only $16.

Via BladeX5