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Blinker Grips Turn Signals for Your Bike

blinker grips

Go ahead and admit it. You are just like us. The idea of putting some geeky looking turn signal on your bike appalls you. You would rather stick to hand signals and your own common sense than look like a total nerd. The Blinker Grips may change your opinion in a single blink. Instead of adding some atrocious looking box to your bike, you just replace the grips. Built into each grip is a small switch and an LED blinker. You push the switch and the blinker comes on for 15-seconds to announce your intention and get you around the corner. No wires are required. No wireless gear required.

An added bonus is the side marker light function. You can hold the switch for 3 seconds and a side LED engages that marks your spot on the road and makes you more visible. You get up to 2500 blinks on a single battery, too. You can order a set for around $69 through Amazon.





Via Bless This Stuff and Blinker Grips