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BlueLounge CableBin


Every time I work on a computer with a rat’s nest of cables it is frustrating. Those cables should be put away, kept clean, out of the way. Computer cables that are kicked, crimped, and shoved behind things fail faster, get filthy, and are an eyesore. We recently talked about the BlueLounge Cable Crate, but we have discovered they have something bigger, cooler, and even easier. The BlueLounge CableBin looks like a small office trashcan. You pick up that heap of cables, drop them in the trash, and in that simple move, you get them out of the way, organized, and safe. Of course, we do suggest a little smoother move into the can, but you can do it that fast.

The BlueLounge CableBin is priced at $89.95. Are there any drawbacks? We can only think of one, trying to keep people from tossing trash on top of the bin.

Via Headlines and Heroes and BlueLounge