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Bluelounge Saidoka iPod and iPhone Charging Dock

bluelounge saidoka

Why are we featuring another charging dock for the iPod and iPhone? Because the Bluelounge Saidoka does something few other docks have managed. They switched from the traditional space saving stand-up position to a laid back appearance for your Apple gear. Their reason for the change? They want you to be able to use your device while it is docked and charging. The lightly tilted position makes it easy for  your to use the touch screen controls with zero fear of tipping your phone over.

Bluelounge even thought ahead, anticipating you might buy a rubber cover for your phone. They left a little extra room around the outer edges of the cradle so you can keep your cover in place while you charge and use your phone in the docking charger. You can buy a Saidoka for $29.95 to $49.95 on the Bluelounge website.

Via BlueLounge