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Bluesmart Carry-On Suitecase


Your carry-on luggage is about to become more important than ever. Bluesmart’s new carry-on suitcase is the first smart suitcase that can change the way we travel. It starts with the handle. Bluesmart added in sensors to you can check the weight of your bag just be picking it up. Beside the handle is an incredible lock. The lock is controlled by an app on your smart phone, increasing security. The suitcase has batteries hidden inside to both power the on-board gear and to recharge your mobile phone, tablet, or other gear. You even get warned if you stray to far from your bag with a loud notification on your phone. Worried about where your bag is, just check on the app on your phone and pinpoint it with the suitcase’s built in GPS locator chip.

The Bluesmart bag is being funded by a IndieGoGo project which has already raised 8 times their target. You can reserve a Bluesmart Smart Carry-On suitcase for $265.







Via HiConsumption and IndieGoGo