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Bongzilla 6 Hose Beer Bong

bongzilla 6 hose beer bong

We do not condone unabashed drinking, but we certainly condone unabashed laughter and hilarity at any outdoor party. The Bongzilla 6 Hose Beer Bong is an excellent way to turn any party into a wild, cheering, screaming festival. When the men and women line-up to get their super sip from the king of beer bongs, you can be sure the cheers will be loud and long.

The Bongzilla holds up to 12 cans of beer at one time. Each hose has its own nozzle control so each drinker is in complete control of his fate. The Bongzilla can be used for mixed drinks just as easily as beer, but you might want to avoid drinks with crushed ice unless you enjoy a good solid brain freeze. Bongzilla is available through Amazon for under $50. What other form of entertainment will get you this many laughs and screams of delight for under $50.

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