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Bowden and Sheffield Minimalist iPad Case by Finegrain

bowden ipad case finegrain

This is another example of a Kickstarter project that we didn’t even know we needed until we saw it. The Bowden and Sheffield Minimalist iPhone Case by Finegrain is simple, functional, and fabulous. What makes this pair of cases so incredible is the simplicity. The cases use felt covers to protect your iPad and to accomplish two more tasks. The felt actually gently cleans your screen every time you insert or remove your iPad. The other extra function is being able to use it as a stand. You just roll it back and it provides a secure stand to prop up your iPad.

The difference between the Bowden and Sheffield is minimal. The Bowden uses milled aircraft aluminum for the base, while the Sheffield version uses milled polycarbonate. It sounds like a no brainer decision until you learn the polycarbonate case can be used as a simple marker board for sketching out ideas and the Sheffield runs $20 cheaper. You can learn more on their KickStarter page.

Via Kickstarter