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Bug-A-Salt Original Salt Gun for Killing Flies and Insects

bug a salt

Do you hate flies and other flying insects in your home? Do you hate toxic sprays just as much? The flyswatter might work, but it is BORING! It is time to upgrade you fly killing arsenal with the Bug-A-Salt Salt Gun. This amazing gun uses simple table salt to blast flies dead. It uses just a tiny pinch of salt for each shot making it economical and completely safe. The flying salt can kill a fly, but it you accidentally hit someone it just bounces off harmlessly. The gun has a built-in automate resetting safety to make sure you do not accidentally fire off a shot. You can even blast flies off of food since all you get is a little extra salt on the food.

You can prepare for war against the flies for just $34.95 through Bug-A-Salt, or buy a half-dozen before your next BBQ and cut the price to just $30 each.


Via HighSnobiety and Bug-A-Salt