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Bug Screen for Cans

bug screen for cans

Gulp, sputter, spit, yuck. Have you experienced that horrendous feeling of sucking a fly in to your mouth that dropped into your can of soda. They land on the opening, slide inside, and you never know until you feel it hit your tongue. You can stop those pesky flies, ants, and mosquitoes from finding their way into your can of soda by using the Bug Screen for Cans. This small plastic cover snaps down over the mouth of your soda or beer can, allowing you to still drink, but providing a screen that stops insects from entering. It even stops those pieces of blowing leaves and grass from dropping into your drink on windy days.

Is is worth less than $4 to have a set of 12 bug screens to share with your family? This one of those simplistic products that just makes sense.

Via eBay