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BurgerDoodles Color-In Wallpaper

burgerdoodles color in wallpaper

Finally someone understands kids and the child inside each of us. Instead of giving us a room filled with color and artwork, they give us a room ready for our own artistic lilt. The BurgerDoodles Color-In Wallpaper lets you turn your entire room into a huge coloring book just waiting for you to have fun.

Imagine the fun of letting your kids loose in their bedroom or a play room to use crayons or markers to decorate their room. Picture their eyes darting over to you making sure they are not about to get in trouble for writing on the walls again. Now, envision your own fun as you pick up the colors and join in the fun. You can create a room with your own creative mark and enjoy the creative process with the entire family. You can order a 30 foot roll for about $55.

burgerdoodles color in wallpaper

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