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CableBox Makes Computer Cables Disappear

cablebox bluelounge

Do you find all of those computer cables and wires as annoying as we do? The CableBox from BlueLounge is not a high-tech solution, but it is one of the most effective, simple, and cost efficient systems we have found. The CableBox is a simple idea that simply works. The plastic box sits on the floor beneath your desk. You drop in your power strip, pull the excess cable lengths inside, and close the lid. You are finished. The box has openings on both sides for cables to come enter and exit the box. All the excess wire and your power strip are hidden from view. You do not even need to unplug anything before putting it in the Cable Box.

CableBox comes in white or black at a price of $29.95, or you can get the mini version for the same price. The CableBox Mini comes in 7 colors. Both boxes come we cable ties to clean up your wires even further.

Via Buy it! and BlueLounge