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Calories of a Stag Do – Prepping for the Bachelor Party Infographic


Spring, summer, and fall can turn into one wedding after another, which of course means the delight Stag Do, aka bachelor parties, every couple weeks. What kind of devastation are all of those parties going to play on your body? Will it affect if you tux fits on the wedding day?

This cool infographic from The Stag Company uncovers all the gory fat inducing details and the calorie saving ideas you can use to survive. But do ¬†you really want to switch to bourbon and Diet Coke instead of regular Coke? Do you really care that 8 beers is going to toss about 2000 calories down your gullet? You might be interested to note that a “forgettable” quickie burns off about 120 calories, which might let you drink one more beer.

Our advice? Add one more inch to the waist band of the tux and just go have fun!


Via Joe’s Daily and The Stag Company