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Capsule Slide Keeps Your Nespresso Coffee Capsules Fresh On The Fridge


No, we did not make an error in the headline. The Capsule Slide keeps your Nespresso Coffee Capsules fresh and handy on the front of your refrigerator, not inside. There has never been a reason to refrigerate your Nespresso Coffee Capsules, but you may have struggled with where to store them while keeping them handy to make that one cup of perfect coffee. The slide is a magnetic plate that lets you easily slide capsules in and out while keeping the them off the counter and out of the cupboards. The Capsule Slide is the newest product from the same developers that brought us the CapsuleKong.

The advantage to the Capsule Slide is simplicity and price. You can pre-order a Capsule Slide through their Kickstarter project for only $27, or grab a pair for $39.

Via Gear Hungry and KickStarter