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Car Manufacturer Skoda Creates the Ultimate Baby Stroller for Men

skoda baby stroller for men

Let us face the facts. A manly man like you and me have about as much desire to push a frilly, lacey, cute baby buggy around the park as we do in buying a minivan. We want performance, road gripping power, and something that looks like it is ready to storm the hill or rip around the track. ŠKODA, the car manufacturer, new that men want tough performance cars and even tougher baby carriages. They got busy and interviewed British men about what they wanted and then turned their engineers loose to create it. They created the ultimate baby stroller for men. A stroller you will be proud to push through the park.

The stroller towers 2 meters high, has 20″ monster wheels with chrome spokes, and includes rear view mirrors. If that is not enough, your little tyke gets lumbar support, a real racing safety harness, and the comfort of a hydraulic suspension. Now, who wants to walk the baby? ŠKODA has not announced plans to mass produce the stroller, but demand is rising and it would be an amazing publicity triumph for them, so watch the news closely.



Via DesignTaxi and ŠKODA