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Cell Phone Jail Helps You Reclaim Silence in Your Home

cell phone lock-up

Do you ever get annoyed at yourself or family members because the cell phones are always ringing, dinging, playing tunes, or being used for some other purpose? You would like to reclaim a little time with the family and enjoy some quiet time. Put the phones in jail and capture the time you need. This fascinating toy cage lets you lock up the cell phones and plan how long the “sentence” will be. You can choose 15, 30, 45, or 6o minute durations for the phone lockup and if anyone tries to bust their phone out jail, the alarms go off and the taunts begin.

This fun way to reclaim a little of your personal time is priced at under $18 on Amazon. Get one for yourself or your family and see how much fun a little time away from your phone can be.

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