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Chinon Bellami HD-1


The Chinon Bellami HD-1 camera may be the most retro looking digital movie camera to hit the market this year. The camera is a throw back to the old 8 mm movie cameras that made a big impact  on the world during the last 60’s up until the 90’s, but while this camera looks like a Super-8 camera, it is far different. The Bellami HD-1 shoots full HD video and has a variety of different  lenses to give you more control of your shoot. The pistol grip design gives you greater stability and control for shooting video than a traditional small format camera.

The camera shoots high quality 1080p video at a full 30 fps. The camera is only available in the Japanese market at this time, but we expect it to go worldwide later this year with an anticipated price of around $850.



Via The Coolist and Chinon