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Christmas Lights iPhone Charger


Admit it. You have already filled your iPhone with Christmas music that you play in the car, at the office, and around the house. You may have even downloaded a few Christmas backgrounds, videos, and apps to get you in the mood. It is time to really get in the Holiday Season by charging your iPhone with a string of Christmas lights. The charger has 10 multi-colored LED lights that let you announce to everyone that you are getting in the spirit.

When the boss wander over to complain about plugging in Christmas lights at the office, you can just point out you are simply charging your iPhone. The Christmas Lights iPhone Charger sells for $14.99. You will just have to stop and think how you can best stretch the 46″ string of lights out on your desk so everyone can see your festive spirit while you charge your phone.

Via Holy Cool and Perpetual Kid