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Cocoon – The Home Security System That Hears Trouble Even Before It Sees It

cocoon security system

Traditional home security systems rely on sensors or visual clues in order to detect something is wrong. Cocoon is a completely new twist on home security that allows us to live our lives normally, while increasing our safety. The Cocoon system uses tiny ball shaped units to watch our home’s interior and listen for problems. The system hears doors opening, or movement in an unexpected room, and notifies you of a possible problem. The HD camera can then focus in the direction of the sound and let ¬†you check on the problem using an app on your smartphone or tablet. The system learns to understand what is normal noises of your home, and what is unusual.

The Cocoon developers are seeking funding through an IndieGoGo to pay for their first production run of this clever security system.






Via Digital Trends and Cocoon