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Compressed Towel Tablets Six Towels in a 2 Ounce Jar

compressed towel tablets

How often do you wish you had a towel to wipe your hands, your face, or to clean up a little mess in the car. You never have one when you need it. Prospector has a cool way for you to always have a towel close at hand, without wasting space. The Compressed Towel Tablets are expand into a full-sized towel, approximately the size of a kitchen dish towel. You just add a little water and the towels quickly expand to full-size and are ready for use. The answer is NO. You cannot compress them back to pill size on your own. Each jar of the Prospector Compressed Towel Tablets contains six tablets. The glass jar with aluminum lid is a great way to store  the tablets, but not essential. You can drop one in a plastic zip bag and tuck it in your glove box or briefcase.

The Compressed Towel Tablets sell for just $4.99 for a jar of 6.

Via Prospector