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Contemporary Park City Beautifully Disappears in Nature


A home built in the midst of nature should mesh with it surroundings and the Farrar Residence by Bowlin Cywinski Jackson Architects does so amazingly. The Park City, Utah residence nearly disappears among the trees of the forested area. The exterior created of wood, concrete, stone, and glass flows so seamlessly into the land that you could walk within a few hundred feet unaware of the beauty just steps away. The home’s elegant exterior is highlighted by large overhanging roofs providing summertime shade, a massive solar panel, and large glass windows opening the home to nature. The simple interior features finished wood in almost every direction with exposed steel beams showcasing the strength of the structure. The beautiful lap pool appears to take you on a swim right out the wall and into the woods with its outer glass wall.

One of the most surprising areas is the large wine cellar with wooden ceilings, and criss-crossed wood shelves designed to hold hundreds of bottles of wine. An incredible home and retreat which becomes one with nature.







Via Inthralld and Bowlin Cywinski Jackson Architects