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CoronaRita Bottle Holder

coronarita bottle holder

You have probably seen a few adventurous souls in Chili slurping down a CoronaRita. This strange concoction that mixes a great tasting lime margarita with the classic Mexican Corona beer. It looks strange. It sounds strange. It is strangely wonderful. Now you can create the same magical look and flavor right at home, except you miss the incredible Chili’s Margarita Magic, you will just have to create your own.

The bottle holder keeps your Corona buried in your Margarita slowly draining into the glass with each delicious sip. The drink slowly changes flavor with each sip moving from primarily margarita to a finish of Corona. The best part of the drink i is the fun. You look like a champion drinker when you are slurping down a CoronaRita, plus the icy goodness is perfect as the heat of summer arrives. You can get a set of six bottle holders for $15.

coronarita bottle holder

Via KegWorks