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Cowboy Six-Shooter Door Key

cowboy gun door key

Get ready to be a fast-draw gunfighter with your keys. This is not a new decoration of your key chain. This is a real key blank that is designed to look like a Cowboy’s handy six-shootin’ revolver. You can take the blank to your local locksmith or key maker and have them grind out a house key using the blank.

It might take a little practice to get that fast-draw action down when you whip out the keys to unlock the door, but what the heck, you are doing it just for fun anyway. This is just one of the cool key blank designs you can get from Keys R Cool. They have key blanks featuring Batman, Donald Duck, Guitars, and dozens of other cool keys for your home. What persona do you want when your pull your keys out to unlock the door? The blanks are slightly higher than regular keys at $6.50 each, but that is a small price to be cool.

Via Buy It: HERE and Keys R Cool