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Crep Protect Keeps Your Sneakers and Trainers Factory Fresh


You just dropped $100+ on a great set of sneakers. You stop by a roadside vendor, grab a hotdog and then plop, a big blob of ketchup drops on your new sneaker making a red stain that is never coming out. Not if you had used Crep Protect. This impressive protective spray lets you seal your shoes off from the elements and stain producing materials in just a few seconds. Watch this impressive video as they attempt to stain shoes treated with Crep Protect using grape juice, ketchup, chocolate syrup, and all those other gunky materials our shoes get hammered with. With just a dash of water the shoes are back to factory fresh.

Even more impressive is the fact the shoes are impervious to water after treatment, too. You keep your sneakers clean and your feet dry, even if you  get caught out in a downpour of rain. Crep Protect is priced around $16.

Via Crep Protect