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Crooks & Castles Monopoly Board Game

Crooks Castles Monopoly Collectors Edition

Hasbro has teamed up with Crooks & Castles to create a custom version of Monopoly, the Crooks & Castles edition. The game includes custom money, Gamble and Value cards, custom playing pieces, and other updates to meet the Crooks & Castles tough boy attitude. The game is a perfect accompaniment to all of the cool Monopoly clothing that Crooks & Castles already features including shirts, hats, jackets, and gear. The game goes on sale Black Friday at Crooks & Castles.

Pricing for this cool edition has not been released. If you have a Monopoly loving player in your home, grab them one of these custom games and the Crooks & Castles gear to wear while they take over the world.







Via Crooks & Castles