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Cuttlefish Bottle Opener

cuttlefish bottle opener

The what? Was that the first question that jumped into your mind? Before jumping to any conclusions about this cool bottle opener, you need to understand. The Cuttlefish is one of the coolest creatures alive. Infants can turn almost invisible to hide using camouflage techniques. Adults are considered the most intelligent of all mollusks, due to their high brain to body size ratio. Their eight legs and two tentacles are both hunting and defensive weapons. These tiny mollusks are related to squid and octopi, but are unique due to their internal shell. Now maybe with all of that knowledge of how cool the cuttlefish is, you might overlook the strange name and just focus on the cool shape of the Cuttlefish Bottle Opener and let it use those eight powerful arms to rip your next beer bottle open.

The Cuttlefish Bottle Opener sells for $127 through Shapeways.


Via HiConsumption and Shapeways