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Cyber Clean Compound

cyber clean compound

I dare you to get a flashlight and look really closely at the keyboard on your computer or mobile phone. I double dare you to do it with a magnifying glass. The dust, dirt, crumbs, insects, bacteria, fungi, and others horrors living inside our electronics will frighten you. Cyber Clean Compound eliminates our excuse about using the wrong cleaner to clean and disinfect our electronics.

This natural based cleaner is safe to use on our electronic gear and is designed to kill and eliminate over 99% of those creeping critters hiding in those crumbs from our last sugar donut or Snickers bar. If you really took us up on that dare, you are probably already hunting for a way to order the Cyber Clean Compound. You can find it on Amazon starting at around $6, or directly from Cyber Clean Products.

Via Cyber Clean Products