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Danish Classical Orchestra Plays On Through Pain of Eating Hottest Chili Pepper In The World


What would you be able to do with tears streaming down  your face, your mouth on fire, and your face beet red in anguish? The Danish Orchestra accepted the challenge of attempting to play on after eating some of the world’s hottest peppers. The orchestra began playing the beautiful Tango Jalousie and then paused a few minutes into the song for every member to pop a pepper into their mouths. They restarted Tango Jalousie but this time with looks of pain and agony beginning to form on a few faces. Others managed to keep a smile on their faces as the battled through the song without a drop of water.

Shockingly, even with their painful distraction, the professional musicians were able to keep the piece moving forward beautifully until the end. We suspect at that moment their was a mass dash for glasses of water, unless that mad dash at the end of the video was to find fire extinguishers.