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Date with Wine Stopper

a date with wine wine stopper

We will have to admit this product is a combination of cool and confusion. The design is incredibly cool. New York designer George Lee came up with the idea to combine a high quality stainless steel wine stopper with a rotating date selector. The combination is reminiscent of marrying a wine stopper and a good bike lock, but a lot sexier.

The idea behind this fun product is to dial in the date when you open the wine so you can always remember if it is still good. We love the idea, but it raises an important question? If the wine was that good, why didn’t you finish the bottle? Of course, all of us men know there are times when a bottle of wine is not the main attraction of the evening, so it could happen.

Just in case you have one of those rare nights you are not going to finish an excellent bottle of wine, you should have a Date with Wine Stopper handy. At a price of $59 it can save you dumping an expensive wine down the drain. Just make sure you remember to check your wine cooler every morning to see which wine you need to have with supper. At least now, you’ll know which one needs to be finished first.

Via Gessato