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Daytrader, The Financial Board Game

daytrader financial board game

Being a day trader is not for everyone. There is a lot of risk involved, and chances are you won’t live a long life due to anxieties and stress that come with the job. So if your anything like us, looking for some of that thrill that comes with gambling on the stock market without the actual risks involved, the DayTrader Board Game ($32) is the Kickstarter project you should help support. Become that fast thinking, investment-savvy day trader you always wanted to be and have fun doing it! First, you start the game off by working on the board at the companies to gather up some cash so that you can then trade in the companies you work for. Buy stock when it’s priced low and sell when it’s high to maximize your gains and grow your wealth.When you have enough cash to retire be the first to get to the bank before the volatile market sets you back. If you can do that, you win! The DayTrader game is for agesĀ 13 and up, has a playing time of 30 – 90 mins and is for 2 – 6 players.