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Death By Religion Infographic – Crimes Deserving The Death Penalty From Religious Texts

death by religion infographic

If you want to start a battle in the break room on your office just choose any of these topics religion, the death penalty, or politics. If you want to become a total outcast, combine both religion and the death penalty in the same sentence. With this though provoking infographic from you will be ready to get everyone talking. The infographic dives into the crimes that religious texts from antiquity claim deserve the death penalty. The death penalty is not restricted to any religion. The infographic explores crimes listed from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, and even Mormonism.

It may astound you that many of these religions that proclaim peace and serenity meted out the death penalty for a wide variety of offences. If you are ready to really light the fire in the break room discussion, just print this out and share it with everyone.