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Dipr Oreo Dunking Spoon

dipr oreo dunking spoon

Your love of dipping Oreo cookies, peanut butter sandwich cookies, and other delectable sandwich cookies just go a lot cleaner. Your fingers can stay dry while you get that milky goodness soaked into your cookies. The Dipr is a hooked spoon designed to wrap around your Oreo and securely hold it while you dip it from solid goodness into soggy magic.

These fun curved spoons come in 5 different colors, and you will want to get them all. You know the kids are going to fight over the spoons so having one color for each of them keeps them honest. The Dipr sells for a microscopic $2.99, like we said, buy all 5. Robert and Julie, the creators of the Dipr, plan to release character based Dipr’s in the near future. Oh, and yes, they do work perfectly for dipping in hot chocolate, coffee, and hot tea. Did someone just say “yummy”?

dipr oreo dunking spoon

dipr oreo dunking spoon

Via The Dipr and Craziest Gadgets

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