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Doettling Fortress Safe

doettling fortress safe

We frequently feature watches with prices exceeding the price of car or even a small home. How would your protect your watches? What about your wife’s prized jewelry, your stash of expensive cigars, a little cash, and few other valuables? The Doettling Fortress Safe is probably the most amazing looking and most secure valuables safe in the world. The safe is designed to Vds/EN5 security standards, meaning it is virtually impenetrable and can be attached directly to your alarm system for even more protection. Why did we mention watches? The safe comes with 5 watch compartments that have winders to keep your self-winding watches in motion and ready for wear.

The outside of the safe is covered in soft calf-skin tailored to give it an amazing appearance, like a piece of fine furniture, instead of a steel fortress of protection. No price has been announced for the Doettling Fortress Safe.

Via Uncrate and Doettling