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Doodle Duvet Cover

doodle duvet cover

Quit yelling at the kids about playing with color and markers in the bed. Matter of fact, go ahead and play with some markers in your own bed. You can have fun brainstorming, doodling, or planning your next day right on the Doodle Duvet Cover. Just make sure you use the recommended markers. The next time you wash the Doodle Duvet, you get a clean cover to start the fun over. The Doodle Duvet comes with 10 colored washout markers so you can decorate on plan like a maniac. If you want to extend the fun, you can order the Doodle Pillowcases to go along with the Duvet. Just make sure those drawing are dry before you lay your head down for the night.

The Doodle Duvet Cover is priced at $56.95 for the twin size of only $69.95 for the queen size on Amazon.



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