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Dosh Magic Wallet made of Desmopan

Dosh Magic Wallet

Dosh should be one of the first names which comes to mind to any man who wants a wallet to stand up to their active lifestyle.  The Dosh Wallets are manufactured out of Desmopan which makes them nearly indestructible and waterproof. Instead of needing to take your wallet out of your pocket when the going gets tough, you can trust a Dosh Wallet to stand up to the test.  The wallets are seamless with no visible stitching.

Instead of considering a leather wallet, it is time to tell your girlfriend, wife, or kids the best gift for men is a Dosh Desmopan wallet. The only problem is when the next Father’s day, Birthday, or Christmas rolls around the wallet will still be going strong.  They will need to figure out a new gift idea instead of the constant barrage of disintegrating leather wallets. The Dosh wallets are available in a wide variety of colors and styles to meet almost any man’s taste.  The Collab line is especially eye-catching.

Via Cool Material and Dosh, can be purchased on Amazon for around $59.