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DryCASE Waterproof Vacuum Sealed Tablet Case

dry case waterproof vacuum seal tablet case

Do you get a little nervous taking your iPad, Nexus, or Kindle to the swimming pool or beach? Would you think it is insane to sit in the park and continue using your tablet as the rain begins to fall? If you bundle your tablet in a DryCASE waterproof vacuum sealed case, you have nothing to worry about. The cases allow you to use the tablet right through the case, including the audio jacks and the camera. The case is so watertight it has been tested down to a depth of 100 feet and not let a single drop of water in.

Just to make this perfectly clear, that test at 100 feet lasted a full hour, not for just a moment. That is serious water protection with full use of your tablet. The biggest shock is you can buy a DryCASE on Amazon for under $40. If you are impressed with that, they even has cases for iPhones, Droid phones, and waterproof backpacks.

Via Amazon