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Dual Snowboards Extend Winter’s Most Extreme Sport

dual snowboards

Snowboarders are the extreme athletes of winter. Their flips, leaps, twists, and acrobatics amaze everyone that watches them shoot down a tube or blast through the moguls. The new Dual Snowboards extend the capability of snowboarders by giving them greater freedom with their feet. They can still perform all the standard tricks by keeping their feet together, but can perform dozens of new stunts with the freedom of splitting, bending, and twisting their legs in ways impossible with a single board. The Dual Snowboard is even great for new boarders. You can walk up hills and move on the snow with ease without taking off the boards, since each foot moves independently.

You can view a series of videos showing the amazing capabilities of Dual Snowboards on the company’s website.



Via HiC and Dual Snowboards