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Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuums Your Home Like A Tank with Eyes

dyson 360 eye

The dirt in your carpet is in danger of being destroyed by a robot crawling along your floor on tank tracks, at least if Dyson gets their way. The Dyson 360 Eye Robot will accelerate the adoption of robotics into households around the globe. The first amazing feature sits atop the Dyson 360 Eye, it is the vision system of the robot, which allows it to monitor its progress, plan its path, and keep on track. The eye sees in all directions simultaneously. The eye does not turn or scan, it sees everything at once. The information is fed into the robotic logic, which interprets obstacles on the floor and slides around them vacuuming right to their edge. The vacuum is packed with powerful cyclones and an impressive brush system.

What about control? You can install the control and monitoring app on your iOS or Android device to schedule, monitor, and control the vacuum from anywhere. If you want to be the highest tech house on the block, you need to sign up today to get on Dyson’s release email list. They will go fast.

Via Uncrate and Dyson