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Echo1 Airsoft Minigun Blasts Over 1000 Shots Per Minute

echo1 airsoft minigun

Airsoft battles are won or lost by your ability to hit the target, sometimes more than once. The Echo1 Airsoft Minigun is the ultimate weapon of Airsoft mass destruction. The Echo1 holds 1700 Airsoft pellets on ever loading with a fast change cartridge so you can pop on another 1700 shots in seconds, which is a good thing. The minigun can empty the entire 1700 shot magazine in approximately 1 minute leaving devastation in its path. The gun uses a rotating barrel system with 5 separate barrels joining in the mayhem.

If you want to become the ultimate Terminator impostor on the Airsoft battlefield you need to be ready to pay the price. The Echo1 Airsoft Minigun sells for $3899, but don’t forget to order a few extra magazines and crate of pellets. You are going to need them.

Via GearHungry and AirSplat