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Edifier E30 Bluetooth Speakers – The Devil Is in the Details

edifier e30 bluetooth speakers

The Edifier E30 Bluetooth Speakers caused us to think of two thoughts immediately. The “Devil made us do it” and “Music makes you horny”. The Edifier E30 Bluetooth Speakers have a unique sculptured design that can be best described as either Satanic horns or possibly bull’s horns. The shape has a fantastic appeal that adds intrigue to a room, bu that is not why we buy speakers. What the devil hid inside is why you want these speakers. The E30 has 6 amplifiers, silk covered tweeters, 4″ bass drivers, 2 3/4″ mid-range speakers, and the ability to fill pump clear music out to a 30′ radius in all directions.

If you want your room to look like Bulls Horns, go for the black edition, but if you want to claim the Devil made you do it, go with the awesome burgundy set. The speakers sell for $299.99.

Via Edifier