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Electric Amphibious Vehicle

electric amphibious vehicle

Ok, so this electric amphibious vehicle cannot take you driving across the water or down the street, but it can be a big hit at your next pool party or at the beach. The vehicle can drive across your yard, transform to a watercraft and dart across your swimming pool. You have complete control via the remote control. The real fun starts when your vehicle is in water mode and you can use the water cannon to blast those evil pool side huggers. Get them wet so they jump in the pool with the rest of you.

When you amphibious vehicle is on land, the empty wheel wells are sized perfectly to carry a glass of wine, a can of beer, or a tall bottle of your favorite cold brew. Just remember, before you switch to water mode to make sure all those drinks are delivered. You can join the amphibious fun for $99 through FrontGate.

electric amphibious vehicle

Via The Fancy and FrontGate