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Famous Business Cards That Started the Legends

famous business cards

Business cards from our most daring, innovative, and famous business people range from daring to boring, but one this is certain. These business cards are legendary for the impact these men brought to the world. Who could imagine a young no one creating a company that is one of the world’s most staggering successes with a business card that reads, “I’m CEO,Bitch”, but Mark Zuckerberg backed it up with success. What about Steve Jobs understated, “Vice President, New Product Development”, which turned into World Redefining CEO. How about the classic card of Jerry Yang of Yahoo that simply state “Chief Yahoo”? Or the extremely ugly, understated, and earth changing card of William H. Gates in New Mexico before he took over Redmond Washington and the computing world. If you have one of these classic cards in your collection, hold onto it, it could be worth a fortune in the future.








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