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Fluzzle Interlocking Tubes

fluzzle interlocking tubes

Did you ever tie together inner-tubes as a kid to ride down a river, float on a lake, or lazy around the pool? It was a great way to extend a few inner-tubes into a little city of fun on the water. Fluzzle Interlocking Tubes give you the same experience, but give you even more options. You can choose from four colors, blue, white, orange, and green to start your colorful raft. What makes the Fluzzle incredible is the interlocking fingers on each side. You can hook them together to create a train of Fluzzle Tubes or make a large raft by building in all four directions. The tubes are made from tough, durable waterproof canvas. They can be inflated in moments using a small pump. Then just start hooking the Fluzzle together, passing around the beer, and let the fun begin.

You can buy your FluzzleTubes for $24.95 on the FluzzleTube site.

Via FluzzleTube