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Flying Ambulance Drone Increases Heart Attack Survival Rates To Nearly 80%

flying ambulance drone

We hear about drones on the television every day, but almost always about their use in war. The Living Tomorrow team has designed a new type of drone that instead of being a harbinger of death is a life-saving ambulance. The small lightweight drone is designed to overcome the traffic snarls that make ambulance response times close to 10 minutes in most metropolitan areas. The Ambulance Drone can zip to the same location in under one minute theoretically increasing survival rates from 8% to 80%. The drone is packed with life-saving gear, including a defibrillator, cameras, and speaker system. A remote operator can watch as the defibrillator patches are applied, monitor the heart, and provide the electrical shock to restart a heart.

The system is estimated to cost around $15,000, a small price to pay to increase survival rates dramatically.