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Folding Suitcase Concept

folding suitcase

A good traveling suitcase needs to be solid, rugged, and ready for action. It also needs to be expandable enough to carry the few items we need to start a trip and the load of information and souvenirs we have when we return. The old canvas zipper concept leaves a lot to be desired. The bags rip and the contents get damaged. Designers Wang Pan & Libiao Tong have conjured up a better idea. They started with a solid sided suitcase to give incredible strength and protection for contents. In the base configuration it is an impressive thin aluminum sided case. Then the magic starts.

You unzip the bag and it accordians out to over twice the thickness allowing for massive amounts of extra items. The hard sides still protect your belongings and give the suitcase the rigidity to handle tough luggage carousels and unruly baggage handlers. The simple handle and recessed wheels make the suitcase great for in airport dashes, too.

Via YankoDesign