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Foldio the Portable Photo Studio for Smarthphones


Smartphones have changed the way we take photographs and do business. Think about the speed an Ebay Entrepreneur can do business with his smartphone. He buys an item at a garage sale, snaps a picture, and posts it on Ebay within minutes, except for one tiny proble. The photo looks horrible. Foldio is the first mass-produced portable studio designed to work with smartphones. It is a simple light-box format that assembles in seconds using magnets to hold the sides in place. The studio includes a small LED light strip to improve photo quality. The backdrop sheet is a vibrant what, but can be swapped with other color available from the company. Now you can take high-quality photographs in seconds, perfect for products sales or Ebay.

Foldio is a Kickstarter project. You can pre-order a Foldio for $34, or for $43 you can get it with 7 backdrop colors.

Via Foldio on Kickstarter