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Game of Thrones Bricks Minifigures

game of thrones bricks minifigures

For all of your die hard fans of Game of Thrones, it is time to throw down the gauntlet of challenge. Can you build a scene using just Lego, or do you need a little assistance. The Throne of Bricks collection is a series of minifigures that are 100% Lego Compatible and give you the look and feel of the Game of Thrones show. You can create cities, wagons, and other gear from your kids Lego then toss in these fun mini-figures to increase your fun.

You can per-order a set of the second printing of these cool figures for $75 through Etsy. The set includes 5 different pieces plus you can expect to see other sets and series coming out soon. Playing with your Lego just became a lot more interesting and perhaps a little more brutal.





Via Etsy