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Game of Thrones White Walker Realistic Mask

white walker mask

Ready to scare the heck out of someone? This realistic White Walker mask based on Game of Thrones is sure to get the job done. The mask is as realistic as it gets. The mask was created by Composite Effects as their Mask of the Month of June and was quickly snatched by a lucky buyer. Lucky for us, they do take special orders to recreate their masks of the month, but then again, once you see all of the fearsome creatures at Composite Effects you may decided to scare your friends with some other amazing mask.

The masks are Hollywood quality masks that will leave people screaming when they catch sight of you. Base masks from Composite Effects start at $569 with Masks of the Month usually costing more. Check out this incredible mask and all the others to decide how you want to leave people shaking in their shoes.



Via Gadget Review and Composite Effects