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Genie Smart Lock – Unlock Your Front Door from the Office or Your Smartphone

genie smartlock

The Genie Smart Lock will change the way you lock and unlock the front door of your home. It is obvious this is something new at first glance. The bright numbers on the face of the lock make it abundantly clear something is up. The lock uses WiFi and Bluetooth to communicate with your Smartphone, the Genie Key fob, or your computer to lock and unlock the door. What separates the Genie Smart Lock from the crowd of electronic keys on the market is its one year battery life. You only need to recharge once per year to keep your lock ready to let you in. What if you forget? No worries, Genie has hidden a key lock underneath the front panel so you can still get back inside.

The Genie Smart Lock comes bundled with apps for Android, iOS, and computers to give you complete control. You can even check the logs to see who has been using the lock. The lock is in final development, so make sure you sign up on their website to be notified when they go to market.




Via Gear Culture and Genie Smart Lock