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Geometrical Infinity Aquarium

infinity aquarium

Infinity Aquariums are well known for their amazing aquarium designs. They build aquarium in tables, bars, walls, and other unusual places, but this Geometrical Infinity Aquarium may be the most unique. The aquarium defies all normal shapes associated to an aquarium.

You will be amazed to watch fish swim through the different levels and points of this crystal-like structure. The  fish can explore points, wide open spaces and horizontal freedom not found in most aquariums. This piece will be a conversation pieces and center of attraction in your home. The only secret is where does Infinity hide the circulating pumps and filters for this fascinating creation. Where do you open the tank to feed the fish. One thing you can be certain, Infinity did not overlook those important factors. Their years of creating custom aquariums to fit any need proves they know how to take care of your fish.

Via Infinity Aquariums