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Gesture Chair by Steelcase

gesture chair steelcase

How has your life changed since you started using a tablet PC or SmartPhone at work? You probably sit differently. You move, recline, and work in positions you never used before. You lean back to send emails and to chat with people instead of sitting up at your desk. You lift your arms to hold your phone or tablet in front of your eyes. Steelcase did a study of over 2000 people in 11 countries to discover how we move and work with all of our new technology, and then they created the Gesture Chair.

The Gesture Chair extends your sitting comfort by providing more fluid motion. It uses an innovative chair back that flexes and bends to move with our bodies in all the new positions we use at work. It includes easy moving arm rests that slide forwards, backwards, plus up and down. No matter how you like to sit when you use your tablet, the Gesture Chair is able to provide you with comfort and support.

Technology is quickly changing the way we work and interact. It is good to see that a company like Steelcase is searching for solutions that give us the sitting experience and comfort we need.

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Via Gear Culture and SteelCase